Saturday, April 08, 2006

Math Conference

Hi all,
I just back from a Math Conference in Westfield MA (very near my hometown). The Conference was great. My University payed for the rental of the van to get down, and for rooms in the Marriott in Springfield. I heard some great papers on Game Theory, Number Theory, Set Theory, Probability, and the History of Mathematics. One of the talks was on Phi. Now, Phi is a really, really, really cool number! Look at this, how can anyone not find this cool:

It is the most irrational number. Pi has nothing on Phi.
And Phi has this other cool property called the "recurrence relation."

or for the special case of n=1,

It also works for n=2, but in that case, it is:
(PHI)^2=(PHI)+1 (sorry, no image)

So, yeah, Phi is cool. Want to know what else is cool? The shirt for the conference! I have one ordered, I should get it in a few weeks.
I am going to try and sleep now. I haven't gotten too much in the last few days. I will get the blogging I meant to get done, but it will be tomorrow.

Yours in Christ,