Friday, January 05, 2007

Some changes in store. . .

Hi all. Here is my post explaining my absence. As you know from most of the posts, I have developed a love of photography (NPI). In fact, I love it so much, that I have decided to study it. I am changing schools for the fall semester (most likely to UMass Amherst), and am going to try and study Photography and graphic arts technology. As some of you know I have been working in Digital Printing/ Preress for close to five years now, so this isn't a terribly huge jump. I will try and keep you all updated on what is going on, and how my photography is going. Stay tuned this week for why I am shooting more film than digital photos.

Yours in Christ,


Claire said...

Wow! Best of luck with the transfer and change of majors. Your photos are always great, so you should do well.

Danica said...

Thanks for writing this.