Monday, February 26, 2007

Photo of the Day 19

Sorry about my long absence, and thank you ghostwriter for a nerd game post.

Here is one I just took a week ago:
Pentax MX_31Hosted on Zooomr

Taken with my Pentax MX
Pentax SMC-M 100mm f/4 Macro

I liked the color that I got with these leaves, even in the dead of winter.

So anyways, I've been a bit busy with work and school to post much, in fact I was a bit busy to shoot until last week. I know I said I was going to post more, but it just got away from me.
I really like shooting film, but unfortunately, I just can't afford to continue to shoot film now. Besides film cost and processing costs, I really would need to get a film scanner, and the one I want runs in the mid $400s. That is not the real issue though. Nikon seems to be quietly discontinuing the model, as it is only available every 5 months or so. That would only leave the $900 model, which is out of my budget. The answer to all of this is to get a Pentax dSLR. It seems the perfect time to buy one as Pentax is giving some rather major updates right now.
I'll post more (hopefully) from now on. And expect lots of photos, and a possible domain change when I get my dSLR.

Yours in Christ,

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